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ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games

Перейти в онлайн эмулятор HERBERT'S DUMMY RUN

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Управление эмулятором на этой странице через контекстное меню правой кнопки мыши,
чтобы включить звук и музыку,включите 128,а F5-перезагрузить игру,
ДЛЯ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЕЙ ХРОМА - управление только с онлайн эмулятора







Another instalment in Mikro-Gen's Wally Week graphic
arcade/adventure series.

Q - Left, W - Right, CAPS SHIFT - Jump, ENTER - Enter,
Kempston, Sinclair

Herbert was visiting a large department store with his Mum and
Dad (Wally and Wilma!) when he got lost! Now the store is a scary
place and full of beasts which will hurt Herbert and make him
cry! Help Herbert to explore the store, manipulating the objects
he finds to help him get into the lost children office where
Wally and Wilma are waiting for him. Objects are picked up by
walking into them, but you can only carry two objects at any one
time. Some rooms in the game are presented in the form of arcade
sub-games. These aren't just for fun - you have to complete them
to finish the game!

I don't have this, could someone else fill it in?

POKE 36739,X where X is the number of lives you'd like.
When on the ropes, press C, H, E, A and T for infinite lives.

Complete solution! Taken from Emulate issue 4 :

1) First of all get the box key and get the honey pot.
2) Now go to the room that the game starts in and jump up on to
the box. This will spring you up to where you can exchange the
honey pot for the teddy.
3) Get the rope. Now with the rope and the teddy go to the arcade
room with the daleks in It.
4) The teddy will go and open the right handside door; you can
now go through this. Jump at the rope in the next room and
itshould extend into a room with a rubberduck, collect this.
5) Load the pop gun (with the cork) and go tothe castle.
6) Exchange the pop gun for the flag andwith the rubber duck go
to the seaside screen. You can now collect the pebbles toload the
7) Now get the torch and the bulb, this willmend the torch.
8) Go to the dark room with the bulb and this will enable you to
see. Shoot all the ducks and a couple of rolls of caps should be
dropped. Put these somewhere convenient.
9) Get the A brick and the chocolate 10p and go to the screen
with the till.
11) Climb on top of the brick and walk past the till with the
chocolate 10p, this should now be exchanged for a real 10p.
12) Take the 10p and the bomb and then goto the room with the 10p
slot on the door and jump at it. You will now be in a Blitz game,
and when this is completed you will recelve a cannonball.
13) With this and the rolls of caps go to the room with the
cannon and walk through it.The cannonball will be launched and
a hole in the wall will be made.
14) Pass through this hole and get the spacehopper.
15) Then go back up to get the tennis racket, put the space
hopper in a convenient place.
16) Next go into the Breakout room and complete the game. Once
the Breakout game is completed you should receive a glove.
17) Get the space hopper and with the glove go to Level 1 where
there is a room with a hand guarding a door. You must now jump
into the room behind the hand (the hand will no longer harm you
because you have the glove).
18) You will be in a room with Wally and Wilma at the top of an
escalator. As you have the space hopper you will be able to jump
very high. This means that you can now jump up and switch the
escalator on and be reunited with Wally and Wilma to complete the

Automania, Pyjamarama, Everyone's A Wally were all prequels
featuring the Week family. Three Weeks in Paradise was a sequel,
and the final episode in the Wally series.

Unknown off-hand, but all Wally games scored very highly in the

All of Mikro-Gen's games are available from the following
directory :

The filenames are as follows :
Herbert's Dummy Run :
Automania :
Pyjamarama :
Everyone's A Wally :
Three Weeks in Paradise

Dummy Run was the fourth game to feature the Week family, and the
first one to star Wally's son, Herbert, as the central character.

Herbert previously appeared in Everyone's a Wally, but was only
a little baby then and just crawled around to get in your way!

Herbert makes a further appearance in Three Weeks in Paradise,
where he's in danger of being eaten by Cannibals!

The sub-games included in Dummy Run include Space Invaders with
Daleks, breakout and a Carnival-style shooting gallery!

There is a cheat mode which you can activate by climbing one of
the ropes in the room to the left of where you start and holding
down certain keys. However, I can't remember which rope and which

Not the best of the Wally games, in fact it's probably the worst
(not counting Automania, which is a straight arcade game). That's
not to say it's bad's still a really good game. Some
of the sub-games are great fun on their own.

Многие современные устройства, включая даже карманные компьютеры и коммуникаторы,располагают достаточной мощностью для эмуляции Z80. Благодаря большой базе готового программного обеспечения (в основном игр и музыкальных демо) «Sinclair ZX Spectrum» является, возможно, наиболее эмулируемой платформой в мире. Этот сайт окунет вас в атмосферу детства,когда были деревянные игрушки,ламповые телевизоры и наш любимый спекки. Только у нас можно поиграть в онлайн без загрузки дополнительно Java и с качественным,удобным интерфейсом эмулятора позволяющим интерактивно загружать свои файлы и сохранять имеющиеся. Разаботчик эмулятора © Jan Bobrowski
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