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ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games
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ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games
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Перейти в онлайн эмулятор Fantastic American Football

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Управление эмулятором на этой странице через контекстное меню правой кнопки мыши,
чтобы включить звук и музыку,включите 128,а F5-перезагрузить игру,
ДЛЯ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЕЙ ХРОМА - управление только с онлайн эмулятора

Fantastic American Football


Fantastic American Football is packed full of the kind of features that leave
the opposition at the bottom of the NFL. Choose between one and two Player
Games before selecting your team, and studying the current state of the
divisional table. Hit the grid iron for four alternative time quarters and
combine your strategic offense and defence formations into a master scheme that
spells out defeat for your opponents.

However, if you need more time to formulate your game plan the present league
positions can be saved for future competitions.

A full set of instructions that details all of the plays in Fantastic American
Football can be loaded onto the screen by pressing 'I' on the main menu and
allowing the cassette to continue playing. Once all the instructions have been
examined, you can return to the menu by pressing 'H'.


1. 1 PLAYER chooses between one or two players, or plays the next game in the
football season.

2. CHANGE TEAMS - highlight your selected team with skill level from the NFL

3. 1 MIN QUARTER - alter the 4 quarter lengths for the next game.

4. VIEW DIVISIONS - check the ranking of your opponents and yourself on the NFL
divisional tables.

5. CHANGE KEYS - redefine the Default keys for keyboard or joystick.

6. PLAY BALL - start the game. After a season game a list of all of your
opponents results for that week will be displayed.

7. SAVE GAME - save the present game or load an existing one.


TOUCHDOWN - 6 POINTS - scored by carrying the bell in your opponents endzone.

EXTRA POINT - 1 POINT - after scoring a touchdown an Extra point is gained by
kicking the ball between your opponent's uprights.

SAFETY - 2 POINTS - scored by tackling your opponent's ball carrier when he is
in his own endzone or if he runs out of bounds from his own

FIELD GOAL - 3 POINTS - scored by kicking the ball between your opponent's
uprights from anywhere on the field.


These manoeuvres are controlled by the strength and direction indicator found
to the top of the game screen. There are three stages to throwing and kicking
the ball:

1. Press and hold the fire button to start the Strength Indicator.
2. Release the fire button to set the strength of the launch.
3. Press the fire button again to set the ball direction.

Players must be standing still to kick and throw the ball.


The game consists of four quarters at the end of which the teams change ends.
As long as the ball is kept in play the clock will continue to run. Once the
offence and defence players have been selected, the ball must move within ten
seconds or the referee will impose a 5 yard time wasting penalty.


PLAYER TWO 5 8 7 6 0

B and V pressed together will abort the game.

Многие современные устройства, включая даже карманные компьютеры и коммуникаторы,располагают достаточной мощностью для эмуляции Z80. Благодаря большой базе готового программного обеспечения (в основном игр и музыкальных демо) «Sinclair ZX Spectrum» является, возможно, наиболее эмулируемой платформой в мире. Этот сайт окунет вас в атмосферу детства,когда были деревянные игрушки,ламповые телевизоры и наш любимый спекки. Только у нас можно поиграть в онлайн без загрузки дополнительно Java и с качественным,удобным интерфейсом эмулятора позволяющим интерактивно загружать свои файлы и сохранять имеющиеся. Разаботчик эмулятора © Jan Bobrowski
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