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Музыкальные демо 48-128*** Игры 48-128*** Электронные журналы*** Утилиты

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games
Fall Guy

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games
Empire Strikes Back, The

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Firebird 1988

CONTROLS : Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor
AIM : Slaatn, an alien explorer from Arcturus, is drawn off course by
a strong beam of force from Earth and has to make a landing on the Moon.
Slaatn's only chance of escape is to neutralise the box-like
transmitters and eliminate the force field.

GAMEPLAY : The mission takes place over four levels, each of which is
divided into eight zones to be tackled in any order. Slaatn has managed
to steal a spacecraft which begins each zone perched on a platform base.
You must collect a specified number of transmitters before returning to
base. Alien saucers, spheres and podships do not hesitate to attack!

However, your ship is equipped with shields, fuel and missiles to help
you. Before entering each zone, you can alter the ratio of these
supplies. An increase in fuel, for example, will reduce the number of
missiles you can carry.

Colliding with aliens or obstacles damages shields, and the longer you
take the more fuel you will lose. Should you use up all your fuel or
shields, you will lose one of your three lives (and you cannot refuel
or recharge your shields!). Instead, returning to base will give an
instant breakdown of your performance so far, including the number of
transmitters still to collect and the number and type of aliens still

COMMENTS : "Yet another of Pete Cooke's masterpieces"
RATING : 90% (CRASH #53, June 1988)

NOW : Still a very good game - a nice-looking shoot-em-up with an
unusual angle!
KEYS : Redefinable


Loading the program
To load on a 48k spectrum (or 128k spectrum in 48k mode), type LOAD"" and then
press ENTER

To load on a 128k spectrum, select the TAPE LOADER option from the start-up

Approximate loading times are 48k - 5 mins, and 128k - 6 mins.

Once the program has loaded you will see the message 'Press Space, N or FIRE'.
To select a Sinclair or Kempsten joystick, simply press the fire button.
Otherwise, press Space or N depending on which you prefer.

The Keys used in the game are:

LEFT O or Joystick
RIGHT P or Joystick
UP (Inwards) S or Joystick
DOWN (Outwards) Z or Joystick

FIRE Space or N or Joystick

Increase Height Q
Decrease Height W

(Any or all of these keys may be re-defined)

Press FIRE again to move to the main menu.
You will see a list of four options;

Play Game, High Scores, View / Alter Keys, Configure Game.

To select an option, move the pointer to your choice and press FIRE.

The Display
The top third of the screen shows your ship's panel.
The panel shows, from Left to Right...

Fuel and Shield levels (These flash if dangerously low).
Current Zone
Lives Left
Current Level
Missiles Remaining

Playing Earthlight
Your mission is to collect the matter transmitters (small boxes) while avoiding
all the sentry and industrial robots. Once all the transmitters have been
collected, you must return to base (the hemisphere you started from) to complete
the zone. If you return to base before collecting all the transmitters you will
be given a breakdown of your performance so far.

The game is played over four levels each with eight zones. In each level you can
choose the order in which you tackle the zones. When all the zones are cleared
you will automatically be transported to the next level.

On entering each zone you are given the opportunity of altering the balance of
fuel, missiles and shield energy for your ship. While in the zone, press BREAK
will pause the game and allow you to abandon the zone (losing your score in that
zone) or abandon the whole game.

Многие современные устройства, включая даже карманные компьютеры и коммуникаторы,располагают достаточной мощностью для эмуляции Z80. Благодаря большой базе готового программного обеспечения (в основном игр и музыкальных демо) «Sinclair ZX Spectrum» является, возможно, наиболее эмулируемой платформой в мире. Этот сайт окунет вас в атмосферу детства,когда были деревянные игрушки,ламповые телевизоры и наш любимый спекки. Только у нас можно поиграть в онлайн без загрузки дополнительно Java и с качественным,удобным интерфейсом эмулятора позволяющим интерактивно загружать свои файлы и сохранять имеющиеся. Разаботчик эмулятора © Jan Bobrowski
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