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Музыкальные демо 48-128*** Игры 48-128*** Электронные журналы*** Утилиты

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games

ZX-Spectrum Sinclair Qaop JS online games
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ZX SPECTRUM Qaop online игры

если игра не запустилась,то нажми reset в левом меню эмулятора и обнови страницу для корректной работы и музыки это желательно делать всегда

Нажмите старт и играйте,прямо в браузере,кратко по управлению тк не все помнят,,,Qaop полностью эмулирует спекки,если нужно из бэйсика запустить игру-нажать R затем ENTER,клава по умолчанию 6-влево,7-вправо,8-вниз,9-вверх,0-огонь,,,спэйс и энтер как ввод

---» START только для Мозилла Файрфокс

Это превиев,он грузится только в 48кб,если программа не пошла-жать START

Управление эмулятором на этой странице через контекстное меню правой кнопки мыши,
чтобы включить звук и музыку,включите 128,а F5-перезагрузить игру

Более удобная навигация по играм здесь

Spectrum zx Sinclair online in you browser



если игра без автозапуска,то нажмите "R" затем "Enter" (ну или Ввод по рабоче-крестьянски))

Стопроцентная эмуляция работы спекки в онлайне,игры и демо,тысячи программ в наличии,прохождения,скачать бесплатно 8_ми битные треки,сделать снэпшоты не запуская отдельную программу и тут же сохранить их,Ваш браузер - Ваш спекки,с появлением canvas,появилась возможность сделать это чудо прямо в браузере с точностью до бита ULA и ППЗУ.....пи...пи..spectrum ,ИГРАТЬ,ОНЛАЙН,ИГРА,ИГРЫ, часы,zx spectrum,zx spectrum games,zx spectrum emulator,zx spectrum игры,zx spectrum купить,zx spectrum эмулятор,spectrum игры



At the heart of the Galaxy, millions of light years from Earth,
lies the Red Planet of ZOIDSTAR.
Its rock and desert surface is scorched and barren. Its
lifeless atmosphere hangs in a perpetual heat haze. What
little water there is simmers on the point of boiling.
Over vast spans of recorded time, this desolate planet has
been the scene of centuries of searing battle, conflict
without quarter, warfare without end ...

Galactic Wars
Here strode an ancient race of galactic warlords, their entire
civilization geared to conquest ... the ZOIDARYANS.
On Zoidstar stood the cities where they planned their
imperial domination. Deep within these cities were the
mammoth construction plants that spawned the terrifying
war machines known as ZOIDS.
Possessed of devastating firepower the ZOIDS carried
the warlords into battle. Nothing could withstand them.
Through the epoch of the Galactic Wars they subjugated
whole star systems. No mercy was shown to the victim worlds.

Heroic Combat
When all the known worlds had been conquered the
ZOIDARYANS turned their Zoids upon each other. Fierce
duels to the death of one or both combatants satisfied
their lust for battle, but HEROIC COMBAT threatened disaster
for the Zoidaryans. They bore offspring only rarely, their
survival depending on their great life expectancy. The
escalating death toll of Heroic Combat would inevitably lead
to the extinction of their race.
Androids were developed, programmed to pilot the ZOIDS
into battle.
ZOID continued to fight with ZOID and the survival of the
Zoidaryan race was secure. The androids became increasingly
sophisticated, eventually taking over the design and
construction of new and even more terrible ZOID war machines.

The Meteor Storm
When the skies over Zoidstar burned in a blaze of colour the
end of the Zoidaryan race was nigh.
Gazing in wonder at the stunning spectacle in the skies
above them the ancient Warlords were unaware of the
devastation to come.
ZOIDSTAR was doomed by the poison from the skies. Within
fourteen days, every living organism on ZOIDSTAR had
perished. Only machines survived.

Zoid Wars
Left to their own devices the androids continued to create even
more fearsome ZOIDS. Supplies of ZOIDAR POWER began to
dwindle. Now ZOID turned on ZOID as the only means of
obtaining the fuel necessary for existence. No longer the
Heroic Combat of the great age. Only the strongest and most
cunning would survive in this new and hostile environment.

The Blue Moon
The Zoidaryans kept a battle force of ZOIDS on stand-by out
in the galaxy. When the meteor storm struck the battle force
attempted a landing on the Blue Moon, a frozen and
inhospitable world. The majority of the convoy carrying the
ZOIDS and their androids survived, but the Zoidaryan Battle
Cruiser crushed and burst into flames.
The surviving androids soon discovered that the icy cold
was their worst enemy. The ZOIDS had to be made capable of
survival ... to be transformed from cold metal into boiling
fluid machines. Thus the Zoids on the Blue Moon began their
mutation into a new fighting force. The RED ZOIDS were
being created.

The Red Zoids Attack
On the Blue Moon Heroic Combat wan an impossible luxury.
Their unity forced upon them by the desperate need to survive,
the RED ZOIDS learnt how to operate together as a unified
fighting force. For the androids, now encased in a silver
coating to protect them from the temperature inside their
heat-engorged war machines, the urge for combat was
superseded by the urge for conquest.
The RED ZOID battle squadrons were made ready for the
return to ZOIDSTAR.

The Blue Zoids Attack
The BLUE ZOIDS on Zoidstar still locked in individual combat,
were taken by surprise. The devastating onrush of the RED
ZOIDS threatened to destroy them completely. City after city
TERRIBLE, a mutant monster hell-bent on destruction.
The BLUE ZOIDS were forced to unite. Away from the
carnage the androids, programmed for survival, set to work to
create a BLUE ZOID that could challenge the might of
REDHORN THE TERRIBLE. The centuries of conquest, war
and combat gave shape to a new and menacing champion,

Into the maelstrom of this never ending struggle plunged a
small and insignificant spacecraft. A BLUE ZOID petrol reached
the wreckage first and the androids recognised a
HUMANOID pilot, still living.
The humanoid from another Galaxy was repaired. Called
EARTHMAN after his home planet, he quickly learned the ways
of this new and terrifying world. He became skilled in the art
of ZOIDTHOUGHT, the means by which a pilot communicates
directly with the ZOID which carries him.
Connected to the Zoid via a neuro-emphatic reflex arc, the
Earthman learned to merge minds with the machine. They
became as one.

A Fateful Mission
The battle raged and the EARTHMAN quickly showed himself
to be a fearless and cunning adversary, a quality not often
found in androids. For the BLUE ZOID BATTALIONS the war
was not going well. A plan was devised by the EARTHMAN
which would strike at the very heart of the enemy. He would
merge minds with the MIGHTY ZOIDZILLA and be landed in
the middle of the RED ZOID city complex, there to seek out and
destroy in Heroic Combat, REDHORN THE TERRIBLE. A
spacecraft which could carry ZOIDZILLA was created and
the mission began. At the last moment disaster struck. As the
spacecraft descended it was hit by an enemy missile and
destroyed. A RED ZOID patrol was despatched to recover the
wreckage, but there was no sign of any HUMANOID LIFE.
In the explosion ZOIDZILLA had been shattered into pieces.
As a precaution against the BLUE ZOIDS capturing the pieces
and rebuilding ZOIDZILLA, the RED ZOIDS buried the six
pieces under six different city domes. Without their leader
the BLUE ZOIDS waited for the inevitable RED ZOID ATTACK.

You are EARTHMAN. Incredibly, you have survived the crash
landing in the midst of enemy RED ZOID territory.
The RED ZOIDS failed to notice that a small SPIDERZOID
has also survived. You climb into its command capsule and
merge minds with the machine. Instantly you are as one.
Your eyes are closed. Your body motionless. Into your mind
the ZOID projects his experiences. Everything you see and feel
will help you make the right decisions. You do not control the
ZOID, you are the ZOID.

The joystick and/or keyboard represent the neuro-emphatic
reflex arc. By using these you can communicate your decisions
to the Zoid.
The screen represents the images the ZOID is projecting into
you mind. Do not expect to see things as you would with your
eyes. You must learn to interpret these images. They have
been designed over many centuries to be efficient.
Remember, a ZOID'S primary driving force is to survive. If
the ZOID feels his existence is threatened, his own feelings
will effect the decisions you make.

OPTION SCREEN (Spectrum 48K)
1. KEMPSTON - plus Keyboard
2. KEYBOARD - or other joysticks plus Keyboard
4. LOAD PREVIOUS GAME - Saved onto tape

OPTION SCREEN (Amstrad 464,664,6128)
3. LOAD PREVIOUS GAME - Saved onto tape

All other images will be projected onto this screen in much the
same way as a thought may pop into your mind.

| |
| |

+--------+ +--------+ +------------------+ +--------+ +--------+
| ZOID | | | | | | | | |
| I.D. | |SCANNER | | | | STATUS | | GUNS |
| | | | | | | | | |
+--------+ +--------+ | | +--------+ +--------+
| MAP |
+--------+ +--------+ | | +--------+ +--------+
| | | | | | | | | |
| MOVE | | INFO. | | | | RADIO | |MISSILES|
| | | | | | | | | |
+--------+ +--------+ +------------------+ +--------+ +--------+

| |
| |

Represents the state of mind of the ZOID. With experience this
signal can be interpreted.

The RED ZOID CITY NETWORKS cover a large area. This map
screen will only ever show you a very small section of this
The map will be displayed in two possible magnifications.
(a) LONG RANGE MAP (i.e. Not Magnified)
Taken straight from your ZOIDS computer banks and
showing all the features of the latest intelligence
(b) SHORT RANGE MAP (i.e. Magnified)
Displays a magnification of that area of the map in your
immediate vicinity. Your position is shown at the centre.
Onto this map your ZOID projects the signals from his
short range RED ZOID DETECTOR.

Used to display STATUS and other helpful information.

You can select any of these eight options by moving the cursor
to the relevant icon and pressing Fire.

1. Zoid I.D.
Used to identify enemy RED ZOIDS. These are detected by
your ZOID and their position and movement displayed on the
Short Range Map.
To identify a Zoid, move the cross over the Zoid you wish to
identify and press Fire.

2. Scanner
Scans the immediate vicinity for objects on or just under the
Any objects shown on the scanner will be automatically picked
up by your ZOID, otherwise, they will be ignored.

3. Status
Calls up information about the Status of your ZOID (Zoidar
Power Pods, Missiles, Guns, Damage) and also your
progress (Number of pieces of ZOIDZILLA collected).

4. Guns
If an enemy RED ZOID launches a missile attack, and if your
ZOID is able to counter the missiles sophisticated masking
system, you will see the missiles flight path towards you on the
Short Range Map.
The Guns form your defensive weaponry. When under attack
the Guns are used to shoot down incoming enemy missiles.
A 3-Dimensional Perspective Enhancer is projected over the
image of the incoming missiles to assist you in aiming the gun.
Any missiles which you fail to hit will strike home, damaging
or destroying you.

5. Missiles (Short Range)
These missiles form your ZOIDS offensive weaponry.
Using missiles you can attack enemy RED ZOIDS, POWER
target by moving the cross over the desired location on the
Short Range Map and pressing Fire.
The missiles are equipped with cameras and must be guided
through the hills and mountain ranges to the target. Once a
missile is launched you will see its progress towards the target
as shown by the camera and then presented to your mind by
the ZOID. You will be in direct control of the missile's flight
path. The target will first appear as a cross on the horizon. You
will need very quick reactions to hit a target.

6. Radio Base
Allows you to communicate directly with base. There are two
requests you can make of base.
(a) Long range missile strike against a POWER PLANT,
MINE, BEACON OR CITY DOME. Select the target by
moving the cross over the desired location on the Long
Range Map and pressing Fire. Once launched, the long
range missiles home in on their target. It takes
approximately 30 seconds for a missile to reach its
(b) To despatch a spacecraft to pick up a piece of ZOIDZILLA
which you have found. The pieces are too large for you
to carry.
Every time a spacecraft collects a piece of ZOIDZILLA
your own ZOID is upgraded, becoming larger and
more powerful.

7. Information
Identifies any features seen on the Long Range Map. Move
the cross over the feature that you want to identify and press

8. Move
Use the cross shown on the Long Range Map to trace out the
route you want your ZOID to follow then press Fire. The ZOID
will follow this route if he is able to. If he feels threatened or
becomes involved in combat he may override your decision.

Your mission is to recover the six pieces of ZOIDZILLA. Once
this has been done the BLUE ZOID COMBAT LEADER will be
reconstructed. You will once more have a chance to merge
minds with the powerful machine and become ZOIDZILLA,
trying to seek out REDHORN ThE TERRIBLE and destroy him
in Heroic Combat.
The RED ZOID territory contains ten ZOID CITY NETWORKS,
separated by mountain ranges but connected by relatively
passable valleys.
Each network contains eight CITY DOMES, one POWER
PLANT, one MINE and one BEACON.
The CITY DOMES contain the massive construction plants
within which the androids make new RED ZOIDS. The dome is
a powerful force field which protects the City from missile
necessary to fuel the RED ZOIDS. It is also connected directly
to each of the eight CITY DOMES and provides each of them
with the power necessary to keep their protective force fields in
place. The POWER PLANT is of immense importance to the
CITY NETWORK. It has no protective force field itself, but if
attacked, it switches its ZOIDAR POWER supply to an incredibly
powerful Deflector Shield. This has the dangerous effect of
draining the network of ZOIDAR POWER temporarily, but the
POWER PLANT survives.
The MINE provides the raw materials necessary for RED
ZOID production.
The BEACON sends out a continuous signal which alerts
of any intrusions by BLUE ZOIDS into that CITY NETWORK.
At the beginning of the game, you are somewhere in a valley
between two impassable mountain ranges. The pieces of
ZOIDZILLA have been buried under six different CITY DOMES
with no more than one piece allocated to any CITY NETWORK.
Four CITY NETWORKS, therefore, have no pieces of ZOIDZILLA
at all. (Note: Where the pieces are buried may be different every
time you play the game).
To find a piece of ZOIDZILLA you must first destroy the CITY
DOME. Once you are inside the destroyed CITY you can use
your SCANNER to see if a piece of ZOIDZILLA is present.


1. Hellrunner
Long-legged mutant Red Zoid.
Mounted with guns for defence
but has no missile system for
Very fast moving. Hellrunners
are used to patrol all important
locations. If their location is attacked they are then despatched
at great speed to bring help, usually in the form of Spinebacks.
Hellrunners which are destroyed are easily replaced by
correctly functioning CITY DOMES; i.e., those with sufficient

2. Slitherzoid
A sleek, merciless mutant Red
Zoid with concealed Gun and
Missile Systems. Slitherzoids
travel between the MINES,
DOMES carrying supplies of
is destroyed these may not be damaged and can be picked up
by your ZOID using your SCANNER. Slitherzoids can be
replaced by correctly functioning CITY DOMES.

3. Spineback
A ferocious and mean mutant
Red Zoid with Gun and Missile
Systems. A sinister and deadly
opponent. Spinebacks are kept
on stand-by inside CITY DOMES.
If alerted by Hellrunners they
will attack intruders without mercy. Spinebacks which are
destroyed can be replaced by correctly functioning CITY DOMES.

4. Serpent
A mutant Red Zoid with terrifying
speed and power. Equipped
with Gun and Missile Systems.
There is usually one Serpent for
each city network. He has set
patrols, looking for intruders to
destroy. If destroyed himself, he cannot be replaced.

5. Mammoth the Destroyer
A cruel renegade Zoid who has
defected to the Red Zoids.
Heavily armoured, he has special
ultra-sonic radar ears which -
can detect signals transmitted
from the BEACONS. Equipped
with very powerful Gun and Missile Systems, he roams
between the CITY NETWORKS. He is irreplaceable.

6. Redhorn the Terrible
Sleek and merciless, Redhorn is
the ultimate Red Zoid mutation.
He is the imperial Red Leader and
deadliest enemy of the Blue Zoids.
Like Mammoth, he roams between
the CITY NETWORKS. If alerted by
a BEACON he makes straight for the enemy.
He is irreplaceable.


1. Spiderzoid
The most deadly of the original
Zoids because of its great speed.

2. Scorpozoid
Heavily armoured fighting
machine. Usual in rear-guard.

3. Trooperzoid
Heavily armoured ground attack
machine. The front runner in
any Zoid conflict.

4. Tank
A four wheel drive gun carrier.

5. Great Gorgon
A huge heavy attack Zoid.

6. Mighty Zoidzilla
Supreme Zoid combat leader.
The most menacing Zoid ever created.

LEFT Moves gunsight or <- 5 <-
RIGHT moves cross over -> 8 ->
UP the map ^ 7 ^
DOWN v 6 v

FIRE Selects or fires FIRE 0 FIRE


HOLD Freezes game H H

ABANDON Abandons held game. A A
Press release to confirm.

RELEASE Releases held game G G

SAVE GAME Have blank tape ready. S S
You cannot save game if your
ZOID feels threatened.

Многие современные устройства, включая даже карманные компьютеры и коммуникаторы,располагают достаточной мощностью для эмуляции Z80. Благодаря большой базе готового программного обеспечения (в основном игр и музыкальных демо) «Sinclair ZX Spectrum» является, возможно, наиболее эмулируемой платформой в мире. Этот сайт окунет вас в атмосферу детства,когда были деревянные игрушки,ламповые телевизоры и наш любимый спекки. Только у нас можно поиграть в онлайн без загрузки дополнительно Java и с качественным,удобным интерфейсом эмулятора позволяющим интерактивно загружать свои файлы и сохранять имеющиеся.

Разаботчик эмулятора © Jan Bobrowski

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