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ZX SPECTRUM online игры a Firefox overview

Управление эмулятором: Escape-сервисное меню с настройками эмулятора.
ЛЕВЫЙ ШИФТ+6 7 8 9 0 в TR-DOS

При загрузке страницы фокус передается эмулятору для управления с клавиатуры,если перевели фокус щелчком мыши на другой элемент,то перегрузите страницу.

Еsc-service menu. LEFT SHIFT + 6 7 8 9 0 in the TR-DOS. Emulator management: when loading the page, the focus is transferred to the emulator for keyboard control, if the focus is moved by clicking on another element, then reload the page. that is, when the page loads, the emulator itself will stand in the field of visibility and ready to be manipulated from the keyboard. If you left-click on the page, the focus will go to it. Return to the management of the emulator in this case, reload the page. In this case, you can safely position the screen along with the keyboard with the mouse wheel.

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ZX SPECTRUM play online игры

если игра не запустилась,то нажми reset в левом меню эмулятора и обнови страницу для корректной работы и музыки это желательно делать всегда

Нажмите старт и играйте,прямо в браузере,кратко по управлению тк не все помнят,,,Qaop полностью эмулирует спекки,если нужно из бэйсика запустить игру-нажать R затем ENTER,клава по умолчанию 6-влево,7-вправо,8-вниз,9-вверх,0-огонь,,,спэйс и энтер как ввод

---» START только для Мозилла Файрфокс

Это превиев,он грузится только в 48кб,если программа не пошла-жать START,для смены картинки обычно SPACE или ENTER

Управление эмулятором на этой странице через контекстное меню правой кнопки мыши,
чтобы включить звук и музыку,включите 128,а F5-перезагрузить игру,ДЛЯ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЕЙ ХРОМА - управление только с онлайн эмулятора

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Spectrum zx Sinclair online in you browser


      Прикрепления: CARRIERC.tap(119Kb) · 8169643.png(12Kb) · CarrierCommand.txt(69Kb)

Full title Carrier Command
Year of release 1989
Publisher Rainbird Software Ltd (UK)
Re-released by MCM Software S.A. (Spain)
Author(s) Realtime Games Software Ltd (Andrew Onions, David Lowe, Derrick Austin)
Machine type ZX Spectrum 128K
Number of players 1
Controls Kempston, Interface 2, Cursor, Redefineable keys
Type Simulation
Message language English
Original publication Commercial
Original price £14.95 (£15.95 for disk version)
1100 ptas.
Availability Available as both Perfect TZX and non-TZX
Protection scheme Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)
Additional info Appeared on tape 2, side A of the compilation Air-Sea Supremacy (Ubi Soft Ltd)
Appeared on tape 1, side A of the compilation Challengers (Ubi Soft Ltd)
Features Vector Graphics
Features Padlock Protection
Also listed on Wikipedia and Freebase
Other systems This title was also advertised for and/or published on the Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64

если игра без автозапуска,то нажмите "R" затем "Enter" (ну или Ввод по рабоче-крестьянски)) CARRIER COMMAND - SPECTRUM 128/+3 GUIDE Before you load Carrier Command, you are advised to read the Mission Briefing. Once you have loaded the game, you should read the Carrier Operations Guide, trying out the various sections of the Carrier and familiarising yourself with the operational procedures. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Spectrum 128k cassette users should insert the tape into the tape player and select LOADER then press Enter from the main menu. The game will now load automatically. Spectrum +3 disc users should insert the disc and select LOADER then press Enter from the main menu. The game will now load automatically. CONTROL DEVICES Carrier Command supports keyboard, joystick and (Kempston) mouse control. These can be chosen from the Options menu, which can be selected from the Front End screen. Control modes It is important to familiarise yourself with the two control modes that are used in the game: In "Pointer Mode", you move a pointer/cursor around the screen with the keys, joystick or mouse. This mode is used to click on icons by pressing the fire button. By pressing the defined control mode key, you are put into "Direct Control Mode", and in this mode the keys, joystick or mouse movements will actually control your Manta, Walrus, Carrier etc. STARTING THE GAME Once the game has loaded, you will be presented with the Front End screen. Click on Strategy Game if you want to begin a new game of Carrier Command, or Action Game if you wish to play a balanced mid game version to improve your combat skills. Selecting Options will allow you to select your game controls. SAVING THE GAME POSITION Save Game This option allows you to save your current game position to disk or tape, for later retrieval. To access this option from within the game, select the disc/tape icon. There are a number of file and game management options available here: Spectrum +3 disc users. You will need a blank (i.e. formatted) disc ready for saving your game position onto. Before saving for the first time, you will need to clear your disc and identify it as your Carrier Command save games disc. To do this, select the Zap Disc icon. Once the disc has been identified, you can then save onto it. You will not need to select Zap Disc again to save onto the disc in future. Spectrum 128k tape users. Tape users require a blank cassette to save game positions onto. If you do not wish to save a game position, you can continue by selecting any of the game icons available to reenter the game. Surrendering Selecting the surrender 'flag' icon allows you to abort the game - effectively surrendering to the enemy forces. To surrender, press 's' on the keyboard or select any other available game icon to continue. COLOUR CODING Spectrum Carrier Command uses the following colour coding for the three island alignments:- Blue Friendly Island Red Enemy Island Green Neutral Island TIME LAPSE Spectrum Carrier Command includes a Time Lapse option, which effectively speeds up time whilst the icon Is selected and the fire button is pressed. This option is best used to speed up time whilst a vehicle (e.g Carrier) is on its way to a new destination. It can also be used to speed up the production of items to be shipped to the designated stockpile island. However, the time lapse will also have the same effect on the enemy forces. NB: The time lapse option does not effect the length of the time out on the messages screen, (please see the Carrier Command Operations Manual for further information on the message screen). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CARRIER COMMAND Copyright (c) Realtime Games Software Limited 1989 MISSION BRIEFING & ACC EPSILON OPERATIONS GUIDE SPECTRUM VERSION Copyright subsists in all Rainbird Software, documentation and artwork. All rights reserved. No part of this software may be copied or transmitted in any form or by any means. This software is sold on the condition that it shall not be hired out without the express written permission of the publisher. Rainbird Software, Unit 1, Hampton Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Page 2 MISSION BRIEFING INCOMING SUB-ETHA FACSIMILE... FROM : FLEET ADMIRAL GEORGE H. WHITTAKER DATE: 4th June 2166 TIME: 15:37 ENTER OFFICIAL IDENTIFICATION SEQUENCE: ******* ACCEPTED. DOCUMENT PROCEEDS: Commander, thank you for making yourself available at such short notice. The following information is of a highly confidential and sensitive nature and must not fall into the hands of dangerous and irresponsible persons. I am, of course, speaking of politicians and journalists. This document has been prepared by Commander Sherwood, and only he, you and myself are aware of the full extent of this sensitive situation... Document received 29 MAY 2166: It is a little known fact amongst the general populus of this nation that almost three years ago the ship SS Delta made an exciting and economically miraculous discovery whilst on a routine tour of duty in the Southern Ocean. The Delta is a member of our small fleet of Fuel Hunters -specially designed ships whose sole purpose is to scour the ocean bed, probing the silt and drilling into the rock, searching for the rarest commodities in the modern world - Fossil Fuels and essential industrial metals. Page 3 Mineral Content of Island Lava diagram Page 4 After reports of inconsistent air pressure and unpredictable tidal activity in an area 670 miles due west of Gamma Base, Delta discovered that a number of small volcanic islets had emerged from the sea and even more were emerging, due to a huge movement in the Treltor and Avapola tectonic plates which were not expected to separate for at least another six thousand years. A number of eminent scientists who were sent to investigate the phenomenon reached the conclusion that the movements were probably due to the multitude of underground nuclear weapon tests that were carried out in the late twentieth century, but the blame was never officially laid on any nation who had previously entertained a nuclear arsenal. The press and public were never informed of anything other than a 'minor geological fault' occurring in the area. However, the team of scientists who investigated the fault also put forward a theory suggesting that the stored energy trapped within the fault could be tapped and stored in a form suitable for shipping back home. The scientists' report put forward the following five-point plan: 1. There should be a 'controlled' leak of the volcanic magma energy, to produce a group of small islands similar to the ones already in existence, but of a controllable size. 2. The majority of the islands should be geologically encouraged to develop volcanic activity, which could then be controlled. 3. Some of the islands should have their volcanic activity inhibited, and these islands could be used to house the various Power Stations and Command Centres that would be necessary. All these facilities should be populated by service droids. 4. Two large vessels should be commissioned and developed. These ships would carry a detachment of Aircraft and Amphibious Tanks which would transport the Control Centre Builders (highly advanced self-constructing devices, designed to build the Control Centres and their accompanying buildings), collect raw materials, and also serve as a defence force, if need be. Page 5 5. The Aircraft Carriers would start on opposite sides of the island archipelago, and work towards 'populating' all the islands within a two year period. With the whole planet in the midst of a colossal energy crisis, the government decided to keep the entire matter secret, whilst proceeding with the simultaneous design and construction of the two Carriers, and the controlled development of the archipelago of islands. The Carrier commission was given to the giant Draziw Industries Corporation, as they were the only contractor who were in a position to develop the aircraft, tanks, Command Centres, and ancillary service droids necessary for operation within the Carrier. The first carrier, the ACC Epsilon was completed eighteen months ago and set for sea trials in the Gamma Base area of the Southern Ocean. A number of significant modifications to the original design were made, and it was decided to make the Carrier totally computer and droid controlled, instead of having an on-board supervisory Commander as was originally intended. Unfortunately, time was of the essence, and many of the agreed modifications could only be incorporated in the second Carrier, ACC Omega before both Carriers were required to start their duties. Epsilon and Omega both set sail for the archipelago and anchored close to their designated "home islands", which had already been provided with a Command Centre, Power Station, a runway and a web of defensive weaponry, including ground to air missile launchers and high power chemical lasers. it was from the two home islands that the expanding network of occupied islands was to stem. It was during the final sea trials of the ACC Omega that Draziw Industries' Assistant Chief Engineer was found dead in his office. The initial post-mortem showed that he had died of a massive stroke, but following a tip-off from one of KA 6 section's agents, extensive tests showed that he had been injected with a previously undetected poison. Page 6 Covert enquiries began amongst the members of the Technical Division at Draziw. Suspicion fell upon one of the programmers working on ACC Omega, and within a week, he had absconded. The following day, the Fleet Admiral received a document, a transcript of which is detailed below: "... Whittaker - Your agents managed to discover our fiendish plan, but it's too late to stop it now. The Control Computer software has been modified, and the ACC Omega is now under the direct control of the STANZA Organisation. Our demands are simple: If we do not receive payment of 15 Billion Dollars within 72 hours, the ACC Omega will be activated. It is now programmed to occupy and destroy all the islands, methodically ..." Our immediate action was to examine the control software of the ACC Omega. The software had indeed been modified, and the Omega could now be instructed to occupy an island using similar techniques originally developed for the planting of the Command Centre Builders. Once an island was occupied, the Omega would move on to another island, and gradually spread its network, using the Manta fighter planes and Walrus amphibious assault vehicles to support the Carrier. The software also contained numerous in-built time-key encrypted tamper proof routines, so modification of the code was impossible within the given time limit, even with the advanced new Ocran Socrates series of reduced laser-gate computers. The risks were all too apparent. The nuclear solution was rejected, since destroying the Omega would mean risking a greater disturbance of the geological plates, which could result in a major piariet-wide catastrophe. All the available agents in K-12 and K-16 sections were despatched to seek out members of Stanza, and following the capture and subsequent suicide of four Stanza associates, the deadline was cut by 24 hours. We now have until 12:00 tomorrow to either pay the ransom (and hope that control Page 7 of the ACC Omega will be returned to us) or face the consequences of losing our only hope in the race to provide a source of energy to the people of this nation. In the event of no solution being found by tomorrow, we may have a possible way of combating the destructive forces of the Omega: Our Chief programmer, Dr. Oliver Baird-Onions, believes that it may be possible to redirect the Omega's control system from its occupation task by engaging the Omega with the forces of the ACC Epsilon. It is hoped that the Omega's defensive systems will be activated, resulting in the island occupation slowing as it attempts to defend itself. Furthermore, it is highly likely that by occupying as many islands as possible using the ACC Epsilon, and taking control of Command Centres which have been constructed by the Omega's forces, the Omega will try to recapture islands, slowing its incessant spread. We have calculated that the only way to actually halt the Omega is to either destroy it (only possible by weakening its resources and power) or occupy all the islands in the complex, including the Omega's heavily defended base island. By modifying the Remote Reprogramming Pod, we have managed to create what is effectively a computer 'virus', suitable for dropping on Omega controlled Command Centres. The virus program will logically modify the Command Centre's operating system and turn an enemy controlled Command Centre into a friendly one. It should be possible to actually destroy an Omega controlled Command Centre if you need to resort to totally destructive measures, although this would mean that you would have to build your own Command Centre from scratch, which is obviously more time and resource consuming. Page 8 There are three types of Automatic Command Centre Builder, each of which, when successfully deployed, will determine the island type that it develops. You will have to construct an island network which links to your Base island, and also define a Stockpile island to contain the weaponry, resources and equipment that your island network manufactures. The structure of your network will control the speed at which equipment is shipped to the stockpile island. It is also important to keep the Carrier relatively close to the stockpile island in order for equipement to be shipped to the Carrier as quickly as possible. At all times bear in mind the fact that the enemy Carrier will be trying to construct its own island network, and it will also try to break up your own network to prevent weaponry and equipment being supplied to your Carrier. I will leave the attack strategy entirely up to yourself, but the reports from the programming department indicate that it would be unwise to make an all-out assault upon the Omega, or its home island. The strategy most likely to succeed is based upon the principal of colonising a small group of islands around your home island, to create a 'safe area', then extend your network by creating protective clusters of islands, until your are in an advantageous position from which you can make an assault upon either the ACC Omega, or its home island. A full Carrier Operations Guide has been included with this document, and I suggest that you read it fully during your journey before you rendezvous with the ACC Epsilon. Good luck, Commander, and once again, thank you for accepting this challenging and dangerous mission. ... TRANSMISSION ENDS. Page 9 OPERATIONS GUIDE INTRODUCTION Before you read this Operations Guide, you are advised to study the Mission Briefing, and the machine specific User Guide, which will explain which control systems are available for your computer (e.g. joystick, mouse) and how to load the game. This Operations Guide is split into four main sections - each section relating to four of the five icons which are found on the left of the game screen display. The first section (file and program management) is described in the machine- specific user guide. Please note that this manual is laid out in the same way as the icons are ordered in the game, and it should be used as a reference manual, rather than reading it end-to-end. For each of the four major sections on the left of the screen, a bank of up to five related icons are displayed on the right hand side of the display. For instance, selecting AAV CONTROL results in the five icons for Direct Control, Navigation, AAV Fitting, AAV Launching and AAV information being displayed. For each of the five icon sections on the right of the display, a specialised control panel is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Every time a new icon is introduced, it is shown on the page as well as being described in the text. Page 10 CARRIER CONTROL HELM ROTATING THE CARRIER The Helm is the Direct Control mode for the Carrier. By moving your control device left and right while in 'Control Mode', you are able rotate the Carrier note that it is a slow and un-manoeuvrable craft when at low speed. Clicking on the CENTRE UP icon will result in the Carrier ceasing to rotate. SPEED CONTROL The Carrier can move both in forward and reverse. The Speed indicator is split into four major divisions - any speed above the first quarter means that the Carrier is moving forward, and anything below this mark represents reverse. To change the speed, directly click on the Speed indicator itself to set the desired speed. Because the Carrier is a very large and heavy vessel, it moves comparatively slowly, and takes time to build up (and decrease) speed. Clicking on the AUTOPILOT icon twice will bring the Carrier to a halt. The top speed of the Carrier, when operating on full power with all drones docked, and in deep water is 178 knots. With drones on station, an aircraft landing, or while the Carrier is anchored off an island in shallow water, the top speed of the Carrier will be limited to around 40 knots, and its Page 11 maximum speed in reverse is 22 knots. The Carrier's top speed is influenced directly by its damage status. AUTO-PILOT By clicking on the AUTOPILOT icon, the Carrier will be automatically set on course as defined in the Carrier's Map Command section. GROUNDING The Carrier is equipped with an automatic Anti-Grounding computer whose sole purpose is to prevent the Carrier from running aground. If the Carrier is in danger of grounding, its engines will be thrust into reverse to move the Carrier away from the island. Please note that the Anti-Grounding computer will not prevent the Carrier from colliding with other vessels or craft. RADAR Positioned in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen is the ship's Short-range scanner display. Quite simply, it shows all tangible ground, sea and air based detail within the proximity of the Carrier, including the shore line of the islands, when within range. To the right of the radar are two icons - these are ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT, and they allow you to select the magnification level of the radar from the four available. LOCATION STATUS DISPLAY Situated in the bottom centre of the screen is the Carrier's Location Status Display, which contains information relating to the current position of the Carrier using the standard X,Y coordinate format, the current bearing of the Carrier in degrees, and the island (if any) of which the Carrier is in range. FUEL USAGE The Carrier's own fuel usage allows it to travel approximately 420 kilometres on a full complement of fuel. Additional refined fuel will be shipped back to the Carrier via the Resource Network, which will be your only salvation if you run low on fuel. Page 12 CARRIER NAVIGATION The Carrier Navigation section is the main map control section within the Carrier environment. From within Carrier Navigation, you can plot and program the course of the Carrier, find out information about the islands the location of the enemy carrier and monitor the Resources network. At the beginning of the conflict, the Carrier is situated at the bottom left of the map, and the enemy Carrier is situated at the top right, both anchored off their Home Base islands. MAP MANIPULATION The Carrier's Advanced Navigation Computer is accessible from three sections of the Carrier's control system - Carrier Command, AAV Command, and Aircraft Command. Two modes of map manipulation are available in the Carrier Navigation section. The first is Strategy mode, which shows the location of the two Carriers, any programmed course for your Carrier, and geological island detail such as volcanoes and runways on islands. Strategy mode is selected by clicking on the STRATEGY icon, although this is always the default setting. There are three 'alignments' for each island, which are Neutral, Friendly, and Enemy. These are depicted by use of different colours. For a list of these colours, please refer to the machine specific User Guide. Page 13 You can scroll the map in four directions by clicking on the four directional arrow icons. The map has eight different levels of resolution - at the lowest level of resolution, the whole map can be viewed, and at the highest level, surface detail on individual islands can be seen-To change the magnification level. click on the ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT icons, situated to the right of the arrow cluster. By moving the arrow pointer anywhere on the map, you can zoom in and automatically centre the map by selecting direct control mode/Pointer mode (i.e. by pressing the second mouse button, or pressing the appropriate key). At the highest level of magnification, doing this will automatically centre the map on the cursor. At lower levels of magnification, doing this will centre the map on the island closest to the cursor. Page 14 SETTING THE CARRIER'S COURSE To set the destination for the Carrier, firstly utilise the map manipulation icons to zoom in to the required resolution, and then click on your chosen destination point. A small diagonal cross-hair marker will be plotted at this point. Next, you should select the speed at which you wish the Carrier to travel, by clicking on the SPEED indicator situated at the bottom right of the screen. The speed of the carrier can be changed at any time on the map screen whilst it is following a programmed course. To program these settings into the Navigation Computer click on the PROG icon - the message DESTINATION PROGRAMMED is displayed on the message line. Provided the Carrier is on Autopilot, and not on a collision course for an island, it will immediately change its course and head for the programmed destination, automatically switching the Carrier to Autopilot mode. if you wish to clear a navigation program, click on the CLEAR icon. Clicking on the CENTRE ON VEHICLE icon jumps to the second highest resolution and centres the display on the Carrier. Page 15 RESOURCE NETWORK Clicking on the RESOURCE icon puts you in Resource mode. The main map screen shows the island types (base/defence/factory/raw materials), but the Carriers are not visible. It is this network that determines the speed at which raw materials are shipped to Factory islands, where weaponry and other equipment are constructed, and then shipped to the Stockpile island via a fleet of submersible cargo drones, or submarines. The larger and more comprehensive the network, the more efficient the production and shipping of resources. As you take control of a number of islands your network will spread across the map, and islands displayed in the colour of your forces will show the extent of your network. Owing to volcanic ridges and other geological features, the network can only maintain itself between certain islands, so if you take control of two islands close to each other, the network may not be as effective at shipping supplies between them as between two other islands which are a greater distance apart. THE BASE ISLAND The Base island is where the Carrier is initially anchored when the conflict breaks out. This island is very important to you, as it is from here that you build up the Resource Network which serves your Carrier and other forces throughout the rest of the battle. The Base island already has a Command Centre constructed on it, and is capable of producing resources and equipment itself, at about one third of the rate of a Resource island and about one tenth of the rate of a Factory island. It is not advisable to ask the base island to manufacture items. You should have at least one factory island set up before you request items. Page 16 The Base island is also initially designated as the Stockpile island (see later in this Operations Guide for more information). Most importantly, the Base island controls the flow of supplies throughout the whole network - if the Base island is taken over by the enemy, the whole network will 'freeze' - no new supplies will be shipped around the network, and submarines en route with already manufactured items will be lost. RESOURCE ISLAND Resource islands are constructed by planting Resource ACCB's (Automatic Command Centre Builders - see the AAV Direct Control section for more information) on unoccupied islands. Once the Command Centre has been built, it then constructs mines, rigs and ancillary buildings to store the mined raw materials. These raw resources are then shipped via the Resource Network to Factory islands, where they are used to manufacture weaponry, refined fuel, and other equipment required by the Carrier's forces. ACCB's must be dropped on unoccupied and totally unconstructed islands. Dropping an ACCB on a neutral island that is dismantling its buildings will result in losing the ACCB.

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Разработчик эмулятора © Jan Bobrowski

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Многие современные устройства, включая даже карманные компьютеры и коммуникаторы,располагают достаточной мощностью для эмуляции Z80. Благодаря большой базе готового программного обеспечения (в основном игр и музыкальных демо) «Sinclair ZX Spectrum» является, возможно, наиболее эмулируемой платформой в мире. Этот сайт окунет вас в атмосферу детства,когда были деревянные игрушки,ламповые телевизоры и наш любимый спекки. Только у нас можно поиграть в онлайн без загрузки дополнительно Java и с качественным,удобным интерфейсом эмулятора позволяющим интерактивно загружать свои файлы и сохранять имеющиеся.
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