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Управление эмулятором: Escape-сервисное меню с настройками эмулятора.
ЛЕВЫЙ ШИФТ+6 7 8 9 0 в TR-DOS

При загрузке страницы фокус передается эмулятору для управления с клавиатуры,если перевели фокус щелчком мыши на другой элемент,то перегрузите страницу.

Еsc-service menu. LEFT SHIFT + 6 7 8 9 0 in the TR-DOS. Emulator management: when loading the page, the focus is transferred to the emulator for keyboard control, if the focus is moved by clicking on another element, then reload the page. that is, when the page loads, the emulator itself will stand in the field of visibility and ready to be manipulated from the keyboard. If you left-click on the page, the focus will go to it. Return to the management of the emulator in this case, reload the page. In this case, you can safely position the screen along with the keyboard with the mouse wheel.

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Typhoon (Erbe)

Full title Typhoon
Year of release 1988
Publisher Imagine Software Ltd (UK)
Re-released by Erbe Software S.A. (Spain)
IBSA (Spain)
Author(s) Steve Lamb, Alison Jeftha, Jonathan Dunn
Tie-in licence Konami Ltd (UK) (arcade coin-op: Typhoon)
Machine type ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players 1
Controls Kempston, Interface 2, Cursor and Keyboard
Type Arcade: Shoot-em-up
Message language English
Original publication Commercial
Original price £7.95 (£14.95 for disk version)
875 ptas.
Availability Available as both Perfect TZX and non-TZX
Protection scheme Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)
Additional info Appeared on tape 3, side A of the compilation Battle Stations (Ocean Software Ltd)
A demo version appeared on side B of covertape SU issue 79: Megatape 8 (Sinclair User)
Also listed on Wikipedia, Freebase and Lost in Translation
SPOT comments Sinclair User cover demo
Other systems This title was also advertised for and/or published on the Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64

Document created by on 16th Nov 99 for
World of Spectrum:

Taken from the Ocean compilation 'Battle Stations'.

Hot from the arcades comes TYPHOON the latest action in sea and air combat
combining the forces of jet fighter and helicopter gunship.
Soar through wave after wave of flying death in your armour-laden
helicopter, scream through the skies in your F-14 as you take on the
seemingly limitless hordes of mechanoid invaders, whose sole intent is the
total domination of the Earth. The storm is raging as the battle is fought
in the skies.
TYPHOON The Konami coin-op is now available for your home micro, featuring
fast scrolling action and 3-D frenzied dog fighting. Accumulate a vast array
of deadly weapons in the six levels of pulse pounding excitement each
culminating in a devastating adversary.
Thrill to this realistic simulation of a compulsive and exciting game from

1. Place the cassette in your recorder ensuring that it is fully rewound.
2. Ensure that the MIC socket is disconnected and that the volume and tone
controls are set to the appropriate levels.
3. If the computer is a Spectrum 48K or Spectrum + then load as follows.
Type LOAD"" (ENTER). (Note there is no space between the two quotes). The
" is obtained by pressing the SYMBOL SHIFT and P keys simultaneously.
4. Press PLAY on your recorder and the game will load automatically. If you
have any problems try adjusting the volume and tone controls and
consulting Chapter 6 of the Spectrum manual.
5. If the computer is a Spectrum 128K then follow the loading instructions
on-screen or in the accompanying manual.

When the game has loaded, rewind to start of side 2 and follow on-screen
When first loading from tape, it is best to make a note of the counter
reading on the cassette, of the beginning of each section, so that if a load
error occurs, it will be easier to try to relocate the last section.

The game can be played using keys (Q, A, O, P, N) for up/down/left/right/fire,
or cursor or Sinclair joystick types. To select keys/joystick, press the
relevant key when on the title page.
Whether keys or joysticks, the "B" key drops a bomb, and the "M" key fires
a "smart" bomb (destroys all aliens). "H" pauses and unpauses the game.

Status and Scoring
Score lives and the current stage no. are displayed on the top right hand
side of the screen. On the bottom right is displayed the "smart" missile, if
it hasn't been used (one is awarded per life). On the middle left hand side,
the currently collected weapons are shown.

Anti aircraft turret - 50 points
Enemy fighter - 150 points
Finishing stage - 1350 points

Hints and Tips
* Learn and anticipate attack waves.
* Destroy anti-aircraft turrets as soon as possible.
* Save the "smart" bomb for difficult parts of a stage.
* The "smart" bomb destroys enemy bullets (useful for tricky situations).

Its program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of
Imagine Software. All rights reserved worldwide.

Attention Spectrum 48k Users
When selection menu appears reset your tape counter to zero. If you die on
level 2 onwards rewind tape to zero when on screen message to start tape

Produced by D.C. Ward
Programmed by Steve Lamb
Graphics by Steve Lamb and Alison Jeftha
Music by Jonathon Dunn
© 1988 Imagine Software Typhoon-Erbe-.tap`4068905.png````````

Typhoon-Erbe-.tap 4068905.png Text

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