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ZX SPECTRUM online игры a Firefox overview
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Управление эмулятором: Escape-сервисное меню с настройками эмулятора.
ЛЕВЫЙ ШИФТ+6 7 8 9 0 в TR-DOS

При загрузке страницы фокус передается эмулятору для управления с клавиатуры,если перевели фокус щелчком мыши на другой элемент,то перегрузите страницу.

Еsc-service menu. LEFT SHIFT + 6 7 8 9 0 in the TR-DOS. Emulator management: when loading the page, the focus is transferred to the emulator for keyboard control, if the focus is moved by clicking on another element, then reload the page. that is, when the page loads, the emulator itself will stand in the field of visibility and ready to be manipulated from the keyboard. If you left-click on the page, the focus will go to it. Return to the management of the emulator in this case, reload the page. In this case, you can safely position the screen along with the keyboard with the mouse wheel.

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Techno Cop 128

Techno Cop™
Document created by on 1st Feb 00 for
World of Spectrum:

Taken from the Gremlin® compilation 'The House Mix™'.

You are the only cop capable of eliminating the streetgangs and deviants
who bring terror and destruction to your city.

Loading Instructions
Spectrum 48/128, +2 Cassette
Type LOAD"" and press RETURN. Press PLAY on your cassette recorder.

Spectrum +3 Disk
Turn on computer, insert disk and press RETURN.

Amstrad CPC Cassette
Press CTRL and small ENTER keys simultaneously. Press PLAY on your cassette

Amstrad CPC Disk
Type RUN"DISK and press ENTER.

Techno Cop™
Spectrum and Amstrad versions only.

A dangerous crime stopping adventure...

You're a Technocop, a member of the most elite crime fighting force in the
country called the ENFORCERS. Your mission is to capture, at any cost,
ruthless criminals who paralyse the city unless you stop them.

Before you start on your journey you are equipped with the laetst crime
fighting equipment. At your disposal are a computer wrist watch, a high power
criminal radar locator, a snare net gun, and a .88 magnum pistol and you will
be driving the force's newest high speed pursuit-and-destroy vehicle - the
VMAX twin turbo interceptor.

You're on your way to thwart the operations of a sinister organised crime
empire known throughout the world as Death on Arrival (D.O.A.). Speed down
treacherous highways, encountering attacking D.O.A. cars. Use the extensive
weaponry built into your car to destroy them. Depend on your criminal
locator to tell you there is a crime in progress, giving you the time needed
to arrive at the scene in order to apprehend a vicious criminal. Rush to the
scene to make it, but don't lose control of the car and avoid getting hit
by attacking D.O.A cars!

Once there your crime computer shows you the face of a wanted D.O.A. criminal
on the screen. Your assignment, as you leave your car to enter the building
where the criminal was last reported seen, is to capture him dead or alive
as instructed by the crime computer.

Using your criminal radar locator and computer wrist watch, you carefully
search through a maze of dilapidated interiors of the building to find the
culprit. Just getting around in the building is tough enough, with broken
floors to fall through if careless. Worse yet, D.O.A. thugs abound, eager to
wreak havoc on your search. Be careful!

Once you've successfully completed that assignment, get back into your VMAX
and drive on to your next assignment.

The game is controlled by either keyboard or joystick (popular joysticks are
supported on the Spectrum). The keys used are shown upon loading.

The SPACE BAR/key has 2 uses:
whilst driving VMAX - fires a NUKE-EM missile (see later)
whilst in a building - toggles between net gun and .88 magnum

The game can be paused by pressing P, press P again to continue.

To quit the current game press Q whilst paused.

You start the mission with a 20mm cannon mounted to the roof of your VMAX.
This weapon allows you to shoot attacking D.O.A. cars, three hits to destroy
a car.

During the game extra weapons are awarded for the successful completion of
some elements of your mission.

For arriving at the scene of the crime within the time limit, TWICE an
extra weapon/gadget for the VMAX will be awarded. These are:

DUAL STAGE : Gives VMAX greater acceleration.

HIGH POWER : One shot of this powerful weapon destroys any D.O.A.
MISSILE LAUNCHER cars completely

HYDRAULIC : These side rams reduce the damage done to VMAX by D.O.A.
SIDE RAMS cars and increases the effect of ramming them.

Each time you successfully kill or capture the D.O.A. criminal as instructed
by your wrist computer you will be awarded with 3 NUKE-EM missiles. These
are very powerful and when used destroys all D.O.A. cars in view at that
moment (a smart bomb). Use sparingly as a good supply of these help on the
later levels.

Control of the Car:

Steer Left -----+----- Steer Right

FIRE: Fire weapon
SPACE: Fire NUKE-EM missile

Try to remain on the roads as VMAX will slow down and suffer damage if you
go onto the verge at speeds above 60 mph. Avoid smashing into objects on the
side of the road as this also results in damage. Damage is also sustained by
ramming or being rammed by D.O.A. cars, if you have the side rams then this
damage is much reduced. The current damage state is shown on the damage meter
if this meter reaches 0% your VMAX is damaged beyond repair and your mission
is over.

As you near the scene of the crime a series of messages will appear just
above the panel telling you the type of crime being committed and give you
your instructions on how to deal with the criminal. Just before you reach the
scene of the crime a picture and info about the criminal and shortly after
VMAX will go into auto and pull over to the scene of the crime.

Control Of Technocop
UP - Jump/enter lift/lift direction
DOWN - Crouch/pickup/lift direction
LEFT - Move left
RIGHT - Move right
FIRE - Fire weapon - GUN/NET
SPACE - Toggle between GUN & NET

On entering the scene of the crime, the timer will be reset to show how long
you have to find the criminal and the radar will show you in which direction
the criminal is, however, there may not always be a direct route. Throughout
the building there are thugs determined to make your life difficult, they
come out of doors and try to kill you shooting, throwing axes etc. You must
avoid or shoot these thugs or they will kill you - so keep your wits about

Be careful as there are civilians in the house (he looks like a hiker with a
cap and a large backpack) and shooting them results in a time and/or life

To kill a thug turn to face him and fire repeatedly - one hit will merely
make him retreat off screen to come back again. It is possible to net a
thug, however, as you have a limited supply of nets for each building
wasting these on thugs is pointless unless you have already captured the

When the thugs/criminal hit you with their missiles then some of your life
will be lost as will be seen on the life indicator. Should this five mark
indicator run out then you have died and the assignment is over.

To jump push the joystick up for a standing jump - useful to avoid thug and
criminal missiles. To jump whilst walking push diagonally up and in the
direction of walking - useful to avoid missiles, jump over thugs/criminal
and jump over holes in floors.

If you walk into a hole in the floor, you will fall through until you land on
a floor - this can be advantageous as well as a nuisance. Beware not to fall
more than one floor as this will result in loss of life.

To use a lift stand in front of the lift and push up - the lift doors will
now open and you will walk in. As soon as you begin to walk in hold the
joystick up or down depending on where you want the lift to go - if the lift
cannot go in the requested direction, it will go in the other direction;
lifts do not always run the height of the building and a combination of
lifts may be needed to reach the required floor. To exit a lift, hold the
joystick left or right as you near the floor you wish to leave at - if the
lift reaches the end of its shaft it will stop and let you out automatically.

Whilst in the house you may find items to be collected; these include:

Bag of money - gives bonus points.
Boy in box - freeing boy gives bonus points.
Tool box - will repair some damage to VMAX.
First aid box - Gives you back some of your lost life.

To collect these items move to the item and pull down.

If you do not find the criminal in time he will escape from the building and
you will be told to go back to VMAX.

Once you have found the criminal take extreme care as he will fire deadly
missiles at you which will kill you and allow him to escape. Dodge the
missile by jumping over/ducking under whilst shooting him to reduce his
strength. To kill him continue shooting until he dies. To capture him shoot
until his strength goes into the red then change to NET and continue to shoot
until he is engulfed in the net then walk up to him and pull down to capture
him. Only by shooting to reduce his strength can he be netted.

Capturing a criminal correctly results in bonus points, NUKE-EM missiles for
VMAX, and a promotion.

The object of the game is to achieve as high a rank as possible and score
as many points as possible to get onto the high score table.

The Control Panel
On the panel at the bottom of the screen is all the information about the
state of your assignment.

On the right are the MPH and RPM indicators which tell you the car and engine
speeds respectively. Below these is the score which shows how many points
you have earned on your quest so far.

Just to the left of the score is the gear indicator which shows the current
gear selected by the automatic gearbox.

On the left of the panel is the computer wrist watch. The blank area is
where a picture and information about a criminal appears during your
assignment. To the right of this there are the radar and time indicators,
the radar shows the current direction to proceed in to reach the criminal
or exit as required. The timer shows the time allowed to reach the scene
of the crime and then shows the time within which you must find the

To the left of the timer/radar indicators are the GUN/NET indicators and the
jump meter. The GUN/NET indicator shows which weapon is selected and the
jump meter shows how much jump energy you have left.

Below the blank area of the wrist watch is the lives indicator which shows
how many lives you have left.

At the bottom on the left is the NUKE-EM missile indicator which shows how
many NUKE-EM missiles you have, if you have more than 9 the indicator will
continue to show 9.

On the right of the NUKE-EM indicator is the DAMAGE indicator which shows
the current state of repair of VMAX. This meter changes into the villain
health meter when you enter a building.

Entering Your Initials In The High Score Table
Upon achieving a top ten score the score table will appear with your score in
the correct place in the top ten. Alongside the score are the 3 initials -
these will be the last initials entered or NEW if it is the first high score
to go in.

There will be a flashing ? on the first initial - press the letter you wish
to enter there and the ? will go onto the next character. Once you have
entered the 3 initials the cursor will appear back on the first letter. If
you made a mistake just enter your initials again.

When you have entered your initials, just press ENTER.

30pts Hitting a D.O.A. car with a missile.
50pts Shooting a thug.
400pts Destroying a car.
500pts Awarded along with bonus car items.
600pts Bumping a D.O.A. car off the road.
750pts Destroying D.O.A. cars with NUKE-EM missiles.
1000pts Picking up an item in the buildings.
5000pts Dealing with criminal as ordered.
8000pts Bonus given for arriving in time twice if all extra car items
have already been awarded.
10000pts For finishing the game + 10000 pts for each criminal dealt
with as ordered.

© 1988 Gremlin Graphics Software Limited. TECHNCO1.tap`5054703.png````````

TECHNCO1.tap 5054703.png Text

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