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ZX SPECTRUM online игры a Firefox overview
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Управление эмулятором: Escape-сервисное меню с настройками эмулятора.
ЛЕВЫЙ ШИФТ+6 7 8 9 0 в TR-DOS

При загрузке страницы фокус передается эмулятору для управления с клавиатуры,если перевели фокус щелчком мыши на другой элемент,то перегрузите страницу.

Еsc-service menu. LEFT SHIFT + 6 7 8 9 0 in the TR-DOS. Emulator management: when loading the page, the focus is transferred to the emulator for keyboard control, if the focus is moved by clicking on another element, then reload the page. that is, when the page loads, the emulator itself will stand in the field of visibility and ready to be manipulated from the keyboard. If you left-click on the page, the focus will go to it. Return to the management of the emulator in this case, reload the page. In this case, you can safely position the screen along with the keyboard with the mouse wheel.

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Silkworm (Mastertronic Plus)

Full title Silkworm
Year of release 1989
Publisher Virgin Games Ltd (UK)
Re-released by EDOS (UK)
Erbe Software S.A. (Spain)
Mastertronic Plus (UK)
Tronix (UK)
Author(s) Random Access (Nigel Brown, Ned Langman, Barry Leitch)
Tie-in licence Tecmo Ltd (Japan) (arcade coin-op: Silkworm)
Machine type ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players 2 - simultaneous
Controls Kempston, Interface 2 (left), Interface 2 (right) and Keyboard
Type Arcade: Shoot-em-up
Message language English
Original publication Commercial
Original price £9.99 (£14.99 for disk version)
875 ptas.
Budget price £2.99
Availability Available as both Perfect TZX and non-TZX
Protection scheme Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)
Additional info Appeared on the compilation Edition One (Virgin Games Ltd)
A demo version appeared on side A of covertape MicroHobby issue 190: Tape 9 (MicroHobby)
A soundtrack for this game appeared on side A of covertape SU issue 92: 6 Amazing Coin-Op Tracks (Sinclair User)
Also listed on Wikipedia, Freebase and Lost in Translation
Series This game belongs in the following series:
1. Silkworm
Other systems This title was also advertised for and/or published on the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and NES

Silkworm © 1989 Virgin Games Limited


Put the machine into 48K mode. Type LOAD"" and press ENTER. Press PLAY on
tape. Program will load and run.

One or two people can join in the fun... so once the game has loaded, follow
the on-screen prompts to configure the options. In one-player mode you can
choose to drive the jeep or pilot the chopper. If you're attempting a two
player mission with a friend, fight over who is going to control what before
pressing start!


Nuclear arms were outlawed by a series of international treaties after the
fourth great war, and now civilisation has returned to low-explosive weapon
systems whith high delivery rates. War has almost gone 'green'.

Weight of numbers, together with very high firing rates, goes partway
towards making up the shortfall in power occasioned by the ban on nuclear
weapons. But even though the generals have been provided with an incredible
number of tanks, planes, choppers, mines and field guns to play with, they
are not at all pleased. They are in fact, well unhappy. The commanders of
the One Continent Alliance have joined forces to show the political leaders
that they have power - all the land, sea and subterranean forces of the
Alliance have rebelled and a military coup looks inevitable.

Our planet is only just clinging to its path through the solar system,
having been set wobbling like a top by the energy released in the last of
the nuclear wars. Should the generals succeed in seizing power they will
return to the nuclear technology of war, and Earth will almost certainly be
sent spinning off its orbit into the wastes of space, as yet another nukewar

One small hope for the future of Earth remains. A group of weapons,
scientists working on advanced helicopter and land-vehicle protects remains
loyal to the people, rather than the military. If drivers and pilots can be
found for the prototype vehicles in loyal hands, an attempt to fight through
the waves of advancing troops could be staged. There's a very very small
probability that a skilled pilot or driver could take out all the generals.
Those odds would be improved if a driver AND a pilot could be found.

Earth's chances of survival hang on a thread, a thread so gossamer fine that
it could be made of silk. Realising this, the weapons scientists codenamed
civilisation's last stand Operation Silkworm. Step forward hero, read the
briefing and take the controls...


Not surprisingly, weapons scientists are not experts at military
intelligence. The data they have collected for the benefit of heroes is
minimal, but nevertheless useful.

Whether you are working solo or as part of a two-man team, the objective is
the same - blast your way to the end of the current level before the time
limit expires. The more enemy forces you destroy on the way the better your
chance of survival- and the more hero points earned. Time remaining at the
end of a level is converted into points.

Landmines, when shot, release a cloud of plasma gas. Drive or fly into a
sparkling plasma cloud, and for a while it acts as a shield, protecting you
from enemy fire and collisions. If two plasma clouds are on screens at one
time, collect the first and then shoot or run into the second to create a
smartbomb explosion.

Gooseneck helicopters fly onto the screen as component parts and then
assemble themselves. (You'll recognise one, the moment you see it.) Only the
exposed 'neck' section is vulnerable to attack - and it can take many hits.
Destroy a gooseneck, however, and additional weapons systems can be

The generals who are threatening the existence of the planet are found at
the end of each level, lurking inside their command craft. While not
indestructible, these vehicles are heavily armoured and can take multiple
hits before being destroyed. To complete a level, the general has to be

Good luck volunteer.


© 1988 TECMO LTD


Complete Instructions typed in by Paul Thompson, March 2003 SILKWORM.tap`4647550.png````````

SILKWORM.tap 4647550.png Text

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