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ZX SPECTRUM online игры a Firefox overview

Управление эмулятором: Escape-сервисное меню с настройками эмулятора.
ЛЕВЫЙ ШИФТ+6 7 8 9 0 в TR-DOS

При загрузке страницы фокус передается эмулятору для управления с клавиатуры,если перевели фокус щелчком мыши на другой элемент,то перегрузите страницу.

Еsc-service menu. LEFT SHIFT + 6 7 8 9 0 in the TR-DOS. Emulator management: when loading the page, the focus is transferred to the emulator for keyboard control, if the focus is moved by clicking on another element, then reload the page. that is, when the page loads, the emulator itself will stand in the field of visibility and ready to be manipulated from the keyboard. If you left-click on the page, the focus will go to it. Return to the management of the emulator in this case, reload the page. In this case, you can safely position the screen along with the keyboard with the mouse wheel.

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Into The Eagles Nest

Full title Into the Eagle's Nest
Year of release 1987
Publisher Pandora (UK)
Re-released by Players Software (UK) (as 'Eagles Nest')
Author(s) Kevin Parker, Robin Chapman
Machine type ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Number of players 1
Controls Kempston, Interface 2, Cursor, Redefineable keys
Type Arcade: Maze
Message language English
Original publication Commercial
Original price £8.95
Budget price £1.99
Availability Available as both Perfect TZX and non-TZX
Protection scheme None
Additional info Appeared on side A of the compilation 6-Pak Vol 2 (Hit-Pak)
Appeared on the compilation Arcade Collection Volume 3 (Players Software)
Appeared on side A of the compilation Computer Classics (Beau-Jolly Ltd)
Also listed on Freebase
Other systems This title was also advertised for and/or published on the Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64
An unofficial conversion exists for the Commodore Plus/4




Kevin Parker & Robin Chapman


A game of the Gauntlet genre. Set in a German Castle, you are an
English soldier, set to rescue 3 prisoners held there.

You were briefed at eleven. They told you you're the best. You
handle the worst jobs, the delicate jobs - the messy jobs no-one
else will risk taking. That's why you're here. Your mission -
to infiltrate and destroy the stronghold of a top enemy commander
which serves as temporary barracks and armoury for the divisions
under him - to rescue three fellow saboteurs held prisoner in the
bowels of the fortress - to steal back as many antiquities as
possible from the commander's private collection. So you're the
best. Prove it.

Kempston, Sinclair or Cursor Joysticks
Keyboard: - Fully Redefinable

Six key German divisions are in your area - the main force is
believed to be quartered in the fortress codenamed "Eagle's
Nest". Three saboteurs sent to destroy the Eagle's Nest have been
captured. The third managed to set up a network of explosives at
key points throughout the fortress, but was captured before they
could be detonated. It is up to you to rescue them and destroy
the Eagle's Nest...

Infiltrate the fortress and rescue the three captives before they
break under torture. It is your aim to cause maximum havoc and
confusion before finding and detonating the hidden explosive on
all eight floors. Whilst doing so it is in your interests to
recover as many art treasures and jewels as possible from the
commander's private collection.

Enter the following names onto the scoreboard for good stuff:
DAS MAP - Map Mode
DAS CHT - Cheat Mode / Infy Lives
DAS NME - No Enemies
MAP OFF - Turn off Map Mode


An enjoyable blast with surprisingly good graphics for a
Spectrum. There are enhanced effects in 128k mode (Music, etc.) EAGLESNS.tap`7955440.png````````

EAGLESNS.tap 7955440.png Text

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